Michelle Drozdick

Writings, other writings, etc.

Michelle Drozdick is a writer and lifelong New Yorker moonlighting as a human being. Her works have been recommended by the New York Times, Time Out NY, We Heart Astoria, and elsewhere.


“Sausage and Peppers as Nora and Ethan Pretend” in Flash Fiction Magazine (2023)

“Hannah Joined a Commune” in Maudlin House (2021)

“The Pong Paddles Got Divorced” in Maudlin House (2020)

“Rooftop” in Goldfish, Germs, and Galaxies: A Collection of Children’s Stories (2020)

“The Supermarket” in Ash Tales (2019)


“Chalk Philosophers” in Close Up: Poems on Cancer, Grief, Hope, and Healing (Orchard Lea Books) (2022)

“Rainbow Skyline” in Maudlin House (2022)

“All There Is” in Maudlin House (2022)

“Stranger I Once Was” in Maudlin House (2021)

“Victory Parade” in The Year: 2020 (Crack the Spine) (2021)

Comedy & Satire:

“Would You Like to Make a Charitable Donation to Our Payroll Fund?” in Points in Case (2022)

“I’m Your Acoustic Guitar’s Mother and I’m Disgusted with You” in Points in Case (2019)

“GOP Implements Gun Safety by Giving Guns a Gun” in Funny-Ish (2019)

Hey, Why Not?:

Alternate Universe Gilmore Girls Revival Spec Script (2021)